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Author(s): Anshuman Narang
ISBN: 9789386618955
Publication Year: 2019
Binding: HB
Pages: 702
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Chinese Comprehensive Strategic Deterrence, Great Multi-Domain Wall and Expanding Global Reach: Implications for Indo-Japanese Cooperation is a well researched attempt to analyse the fast-paced progress made by China and its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) in the military-cum-geo-political landscape. President Xi Jinping’s ambitious dream for Chinese rejuvenation is to lead the world in Comprehensive National Power by 2049.  The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has its core interests  and is not ready to compromise.  They are, therefore, advancing them on all fronts while simultaneously avoiding war. This book reveals the contours of this policy, identifies the key stratagems of the Chinese Grand Strategy, its implications and key deterrence facilitators.

The PLA, ordered repeatedly to be loyal to the CCP, has accordingly established a nearly impregnable multi-domain wall to deter China’s adversaries, particularly America, India and Japan. The resource-hungry nation has exploited its vast industrial base and exploited its fast-expanding Diaspora. The Chinese government has channelized its scientific talent in conjunction with secret technology transfers and espionage to lead technology development, especially in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Quantum, Robotics, Blockchain, Hypersonic and Big Data Analytics.

This book is a comprehensive compendium of the key measures initiated by the CCP and President Xi to revive Han supremacy the world over. It brilliantly covers the PLA’s march from ‘Mechanisation’ to ‘Informationisation’ to ‘Intelligentisation’ It covers the major aspects of all possible Chinese domains of warfare and uncovers the Chinese secret methodology to rapidly expand her global sphere of influence.

It is an essential book for all China-watchers, military strategists, advanced technology-gazers and those who actually want to stand up to Chinese hegemony and rising ambitions. 

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Anshuman Narang is a keen scholar of developments in China and keenly researches Chinese doctrinal evolution and military technology in all its aspects. A graduate of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, he completed his post-graduation in Weapon Systems and Technology from Pune University and Defence and Strategic Studies from Madras University with distinction. He has studied in the USA and Australia too. He graduated from the National Institute of Defence Studies, Japan in 2018 and has extensively researched on ‘Kurdistan’ and ‘Security Challenges in Indo-Pacific’.

A keen academic scholar, he is interested in Geopolitics, Military Deterrence and International Relations with special focus on China, West Asia and the Indo-Pacific. He is a regular writer of articles in various professional journals.  His first book, The Trajectory of Red Army`s Unmanned Warfare was a great success.  His second book Chinese Comprehensive Strategic Deterrence, Great Multi-Domain Wall and Expanding Global Reach: Implications for Indo-Japanese Cooperation concentrates on an analysis of China’s grey zone compliance strategy, key internal issues, mainland defence and external expansion. The book reveals the key Chinese deterrence facilitators, identifies the key components of the Chinese Great Multi-Domain wall established by the PLA and thereafter discusses the most important fields in which China is expanding her global reach.  It adequately highlights Chinese fault lines.

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