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Book title: COVID-19 Global Pandemic And Aspects of Human Security in South Asia: Implications and Way Forward
Author(s): Delwar Hossain & Md. Shariful Islam
ISBN: 9789390095087
Publication Year: 2020
Binding: HB
Pages: 196
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The COVID-19 global pandemic has triggered health insecurity, food insecurity, and economic insecurity among many others in South Asia. It has profound impact on every sector of human activities ranging from the economic to environment. There is a need for a critical study of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for human security in order to fathom the emerging theoretical and policy issues in the region. Hence, the book provides an understanding of the consequences of the COVID-19 global pandemic for human security in South Asia. This intellectually stimulating book provides a critical analysis and insights on this contemporary challenge to policy makers, health professionals, academics, students, researchers, NGO workers working with health, human security and anyone interested in health and human security in South Asia. The book covers major human security areas, i.e. health security, food security, economic security, and environment issue. The role of regional cooperation and global health governance is also covered in the domain of COVID-19. This book fills the existing knowledge gap on the human security in South Asia in general and linking with COVID-19 in particular. From the perspective of policy, the insights of the study would guide the policy makers in South Asia in reframing their security policies emphasising human security issues and challenges. Finally, this book contributes to the evolving debate and discourse on the impact of the COVID-19 on the South Asian region from a human security perspective.

ABOUT Author

Delwar Hossain, PhD is Professor of International Relations, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh and concurrently Director of the East Asia Center, University of Dhaka. Delwar was the Chair of the Department of International Relations, University of Dhaka during 2009-2012. He earned his Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons.) and Master of Social Sciences degrees in International Relations from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He did his second Master`s degree in Asia Pacific International Relations from International University of Japan (IUJ), Niigata, Japan as an Asian Development Bank (ADB) Scholar in 2001. Delwar earned his Ph.D. in global and intercultural studies from Ferris University in Yokohama, Japan as a Monbukagakusho scholar in 2007. His research interests include foreign policy analysis, human security, regional cooperation and globalization, conflict studies and South Asia and East Asian affairs. He has authored and co-authored several books, monographs and policy series. He has published more than 50 research papers and scholarly articles in leading journals and chapters in edited volumes. Some of his publications include: Globalization and New Regionalism in South Asia: Issues and Dynamics (Dhaka, 2010);co-authored Partition and Conflict: The Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh (Sage, India, 2015); The Dynamics of Bangladesh-India Relations: From a Paradigm Shift to a Challenging Era? in Amit Ranjan, ed. India in South Asia: Challenges and Management, (Singapore: Springer, 2019);Unfolding Bangladesh-India Maritime Connectivity in the Bay of Bengal Region: A Bangladesh Perspective, Journal of the India Ocean Region, (2019) [co-author]; Locating China in the Emerging Global Order: Exploring the Issues and Debate, BEI Journal, (2019) [co-author]. Asian Community Building: Vision, Progress and Challenges, Yamaguchi University, Japan, 2017. E-mail:

Md. Shariful Islam is an assistant professor in International Relations at the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He is currently on study leave and pursuing PhD in International Relations at South Asian University, New Delhi. Mr. Islam was one of the 18 scholars on Study of the US Institute for Scholars on US Foreign Policy in 2016 at Bard College, New York, sponsored by the US Department of State. His latest scholarship includes, Understanding the Rohingya Crisis and the Failure of Human Rights Norm in Myanmar: Possible Policy Responses, Jadavpur Journal of International Relations (2019); Unfolding Bangladesh-India Maritime Connectivity in the Bay of Bengal Region: A Bangladesh Perspective, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region (2019) [co-author]; Locating China in the Emerging Global Order: Exploring the Issues and Debate, BEI Journal, (2019) [co-author]. His research interests include foreign policy of Bangladesh, Security Studies, and Blue Economy Diplomacy. He has contributed a number of book chapters.   E-mail: