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Book title: Eisenhower : Soldier-Statesman of the American Century
Author(s): Douglas Kinnard
ISBN: 978-81-8274-423-3
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 145
Price: Rs. 495 Rs. 495
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Dwight David Eisenhower proudly claimed that he “came from the very heart of America.” Yet it could be argued that despite those provincial beginnings, no other American exerted more influence on the world history during the twentieth century. From his humble youth in Abilene, Kansas, Eisenhower rose to the Supreme command of the Allied armies that helped destroy Adolf Hitler’s Nazi war machine and to the presidency of the United States. Douglas Kinnard’s profile of this great soldier-statesman describes his rise through the ranks of the peacetime Army of the 1920s and 1930s, recognition of his abilities by such leaders as Douglas MacArthur and George C. Marshall, his “great Crusade” in Europe during World War II, and his two terms in the Oval Office.

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DOUGLAS KINNARD, Ph.D., is the author of several books, including President Eisenhower and Strategy Management : A Study in Defense Politics: Ike 1890-1990: A Pictorial History; and The Certain Trumpet: Maxwell Taylor and the American Experience in Vietnam. A graduate of West Point, he served his country during three wars’ retiring as a brigadier general.

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