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Book title: Happiness to Bliss
Author(s): Vinod Malhotra
ISBN: 9788194465997
Publication Year: 2020
Binding: PB
Pages: 232
Price: Rs. 295 Rs. 295
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Happiness is experiential, bliss is existential and peace lies somewhere between the two, as a beautiful bridge. Our universe promotes complete harmony and gives equal opportunity to everyone to realize his full potential. Happiness and bliss are not a goal in themselves, but are an integral part of life’s Journey.

It is also essential to understand that happiness may be induced through a connect with externalities, but verily lies within all of us.

Look within, with complete awareness and you shall find it.

ABOUT Author

The musical intonation of mantras of Bhagwadgita, the song divine held great fascination for Vinod Malhotra in his childhood. This continued all through 38 years that he spent in the India Administrative Service which he joined in the year 1971. Inspired by the profound wisdom of Krishna’s advice and exhortations to Arjuna, he decided to write on different aspects of human endeavour, management of self, science and spirituality, concept of cosmic energy and mantras of leadership and ethics. He has published twelve books including a coffee table book on Ramdarshan, a monument dedicated to Ram and his profound message to the world.

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