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Book title: FIFTY YEARS OF BANGLADESH-INDIA RELATIONS: Issues, Challenges and Possibilities
Author(s): Md. Shariful Islam
ISBN: 9789390095292
Publication Year: 2021
Binding: HB
Pages: 204
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This intellectually stimulating book examines the key issues (i.e.,security cooperation, development partnership, border management, water cooperation, connectivity), challenges and possibilities in Bangladesh-India relations in the last fifty years. The book also investigates the role of `China factor`, the role of civil society in Bangladesh-India relations and maps out the future course of actions in Bangladesh-India partnership in the post-pandemic world which merits serious attention. The book contributes to both from theoretical and policy perspective and therefore will be immensely useful to the students of International Relations, Political Science, to academics, researchers, and policymakers with interest on Bangladesh-India relations, Bangladesh foreign policy, India`s foreign policy in particular, and South Asia in general.

ABOUT Author

Md. Shariful Islam is an Assistant Professor in International Relations at the University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. He is currently on study leave and pursuing a PhD in International Relations at South Asian University, New Delhi. Mr. Islam is working on `Blue Economy Diplomacy for Bangladesh` as his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Professor Sanjay Chaturvedi, Chairperson, Department of International Relations, South Asian University, New Delhi. He was one of the 18 scholars on Study of the US Institute for Scholars on US Foreign Policy in 2016 at Bard College, New York, sponsored by the US Department of State. His latest scholarship includes, ‘Understanding Bangladesh’s relations with India and China: Dilemmas and responses’, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region (Routledge), 2021, [co-author]; `Understanding Maritime Connectivity in South Asia: The Role of Domestic and External Actors’, Journal of Governance, Security and Development, 2021; ‘Cybersecurity: A national priority for Bangladesh’ in Scott N. Romaniuk & Mary Manjikian (Eds.), Routledge Companion to Global Cyber-Security Strategy, London: Routledge; `Understanding the Rohingya Crisis and the Failure of Human Rights Norm in Myanmar: Possible Policy Responses`, Jadavpur Journal of International Relations, 2019, (Sage); `Unfolding Bangladesh-India Maritime Connectivity in the Bay of Bengal Region: A Bangladesh Perspective`, Journal of the Indian Ocean Region (Routledge), 2019,[co-author]. He is also the co-author ofCOVID-19 Global Pandemic and Aspects of Human Security in South Asia: Implications and Way Forward,New Delhi: Pentagon Press, 2020.His research interests include Blue Economy Diplomacy and Foreign Policy of Bangladesh.

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