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Book title: Chinese Geopolitics in the 21st Century : A Post Pandemic Perspective
Author(s): Brigadier Anand Tewari (Retd) Ph.D.
ISBN: 9789390095407
Publication Year: 2021
Binding: HB
Pages: 324
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The idea of this book comes from the need to seek reasons for uniqueness of China etched on the minds of common people. The language, the governance system and the stupendous economic growth of China makes this uniqueness further interesting. This `Chineseness` in everything that the Chinese do, has led to a search for the same ilk in China`s geopolitics too.

The book, therefore, employs an `inside-out` approach to examine China`s geopolitics. To successfully address this issue as an outsider, the book searches for the roots of today`s China through its evolution of geospatial, human geographical, metaphysical and economic spheres. China, then, has been explored  for external influences on these spheres received through military, cultural, political and commercial interactions with outside world. The metaphysical makeup of the Chinese collective psyche thus created, has also been examined for its role in guiding Chinese geopolitical responses. And later, evaluating China`s geo-economic risks versus geopolitical gains, helps us in evolving a theoretical tool for gauging future geopolitical responses of China.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has put China in a different geopolitical limelight. The book discusses changing geopolitical interactions in that light and the future directions without getting unduly swayed by sentiments.

In the end an assurance from the author of his best efforts to remain independent of country specific mindset to gauge China objectively is offered.

ABOUT Author

Brigadier Anand Tewari (Retd), a postgraduate in Geography from the University of Allahabad was a Junior Research Fellow of the UGC before commission in the Indian Army. He joined Army Educational Corps as commissioned officer in Jun 1987. His expertise in Chinese language and hands on experience has sharpened his insight about China. His China centric interest also led him to do    his Ph.D. on China`s geopolitics from  Savitribai Phule Pune University. His academic training in geopolitics and political geography, his exposure to Chinese affairs and his linguistic ability to explore original literature on China, make him a credible researcher.       

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