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Book title: Maritime Corridors in the Indo-Pacific: Geopolitical Implications for India
Author(s): Subhasish Sarangi
ISBN: 9789390095377
Publication Year: 2021
Binding: HB
Pages: 276
Price: Rs. 1295 Rs. 1295
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The genesis of this book is the Maritime component of the Belt and Road Initiative, quixotically named as the Maritime Silk Road. It looks at infrastructure development in the Indo-Pacific, primarily in the maritime domain, and its geopolitical implications for India. The book is in three parts. 

The first part provides the historical background. It looks at the Indo-Pacific mapping, provides a snapshot of the maritime history of the region, and brings out the inextricable linkage between technology, infrastructure and geopolitics.

The second part looks at events in recent times. It describes the infrastructure development and connectivity enhancement activities of the various actors in the Indo-Pacific Region – China, Japan, the USA, the European Union, ASEAN, Australia and India.

The third part looks at the future. It explores the geopolitical implications of these developments for India, and lists out what India could do to mitigate the threats emanating from them.

ABOUT Author

Subhasish Sarangi has over two-and-a-half decades of experience as an Electrical Officer in the Indian Navy. He has served onboard frontline warships, Naval Dockyard (Mumbai) and WESEE (New Delhi). He has a post-graduate degree in Signal Processing and is pursuing a doctorate in International Relations. His areas of interest include International Relations, Maritime Security and Cyber Security.

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