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Book title: 7 Deadly Sins of Corporate Mismanagement: What they don`t teach in business schools
Author(s): Dr. Udai Vir Singh
ISBN: 9788182743915
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: PB
Pages: 256
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The volcano of ``Satyam`s Great Fraud``, an over Rs.7, crore swindle by its Chairman and CEO, Mr. Ramalinga Raju, the largest in India`s known economic history, burst into the open during the chilly days of early January 29, when the painful dust of the Mumbai8 carnage of 26/11 was just starting to settle. Its debris inflicted painful wounds on the psyche of its over 5, employees, thousands of international customers, and millions of investors in India and abroad. Several of its bankers, financers, suppliers, auditors, and senior managers too did not escape minor economic and psychological wounds. The basic issue thrown up by this disgraceful fall of one of India`s internationally iconic IT-brands, besides frauds and financial malfunctioning is that of corporate mis-governance. Satyam is not the only culprit in the corporate forest of India. There are several Satyams in India’s realty and infrastructure sectors where those in the know say that top politicians have dirtied their hands and faces fairly substantially. They are awaiting exposure which will require whistleblowers of exemplary courage and resourcefulness. On lower scales, as per the author personal experience, minor Satyams happen every days in almost every Indian corporate identity, It will, indeed, be impossible to locate an exception. To sum up, Satyam basically highlights the issue of corporate mis-management. This book elaborates the author personal encounters with a number of situations of corporate mismanagement over a period of over 4 years during which he passed through unrighteous business environments. Each and every reader of this book, if he or she has some exposure to corporate work environment, is guaranteed emergence of a cascade of similar situations on their mental screen, while going through it.

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Dr. Udai Vir Singh is a management consultant specializing in productivity improvement acceleration (PIA) in corporate work environments. He possesses a brilliant academic record, and a Ph.D. in 1966 from IARI, New Delhi. He has also earned a Post-Doctorate from CNRA, Versailles, France. Early in his professional life, he entered the corporate work environment, passing through diverse field of research, product development, marketing, market development, project planning, production, technology upgradation, technology transfer, business diversification and productivity acceleration, and garnered an indepth and varied experience over 40 years. In the latter part of his career, he concentrated on management training and consultancy work aimed at collective work output acceleration for a number of corporate.

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