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Book title: Put Stress to Rest: Utilizing Stress for Making Progress
Author(s): Sirshree
ISBN: 9788182745100
Publication Year: 2011
Binding: PB
Pages: 216
Price: Rs. 150 Rs. 150
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This novel presents the story of a CEO who comes to his guru seeking to attain freedom from stress. His conversations with the enlightened master take him on a inner spiritual journey, wherein he comes to know the higher reason for the existence of stress, which comes as an utter shock to him. For the first time, he realizes that an optimum amount of stress is essential for our external and internal growth. Further on, he learns the causes of and some unique solutions to unnecessary stress in relations, work and finances. Having developed a new emotional maturity, he is then imparted the principles for leading a balanced life and the art of attaining permanent freedom from stress-which he thought was never possible. This supreme wisdom ushers a transformation in his life, propelling him towards a higher roleā€¦So, what is that role and is he able to fulfill it. Join him in this fascinating sojourn to attain extraordinary knowledge and to experience liberation form all kinds of unwarranted tensions. Having put your stress to rest, you can then utilize the positive energy of stress to make progress in all aspects and create the life that you have always wanted.

ABOUT Author

Sirshree is a spiritual master from Indian whose lucid manner of explaining the meaning of everyday life has brought about awakening in thousands of seekers. He has created a system for wisdom, one that helps seekers to progress from self-realization of self-stabilization. He also teaches methods to access and analyze the paradigm shift.

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