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Book title: Romancing with Your Destiny
Author(s): Sheetal Jain
ISBN: 9788182746107
Publication Year: 2012
Binding: PB
Pages: 268
Price: Rs. 195 Rs. 195
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Everyone wants to be something very incredible in life. What is this ``something``? Well it is not clear to any of us during the initial stages of life. This book is a voyage about the blues of life where you will be able to comprehend what you yearn for, why you crave to be so as to and how you will be able to achieve the objective to be one. Using your all supremacy and command internally and externally, you`ll grasp your true potential within your own self. This book will amplify your self consciousness, self exploration and self achievement. And will also lend a hand to you in realizing your true spirit at the three levels, conscious, subconscious and super conscious levels. Moreover, it also explains how you can explore your eternal source of energy. In the course of this book the author holds your hand to guide you through the journey of life, from where you are to where you want to be.

This book helps you in the roving expedition devoid of losing focus on your aspirations. Shooting up it will unite you to your real being and hence will help you in understanding the real purpose of your existence.

ABOUT Author

Born in Haryana, India, Sheetal Jain completed her graduation successfully from the Maharishi Dayanand University. After her graduation, she pursued MBA from IIPM and since then she has been travelling for work and assignments. Sheetal has travelled to different parts of India and has worked with different companies at various levels. She has an exposure to various facets in the past 10 years by having worked in varied of fields and in different departments, which adds to her diverse experience. Besides being an author, she is also one of the comprehensive personality development and life coaches?. She conducts her independent workshops and has been conducting her Personality Development Sessions along with various individuals, groups and colleges where she helped her trainees/coaches in realizing their self confidence and escalating their self awareness. Sheetal Jain is the prime author of the book ``Management Secrets for Personal Glory in Life``. She is also an avid blogger and her Self Improvement blogs can be accessed daily at

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