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Book title: Improve Your Reading( Fifth Edition)
Author(s): Ron Fry
ISBN: 9788182744585
Publication Year: 2010
Binding: PB
Pages: 142
Price: Rs. 125 Rs. 125
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Improve Your Reading, fifth edition, is not a gimmicky speed-reading method. This book presents a practical way to increase what you learn from texts, notes, and additional resources. The core belief is that it doesn’t matter how much or how fast you read but how much you understand and remember what you are reading. This new and updated version provides fundamentals of reading across disciplines (literary classics and math textbooks) as well as styles (science journals and class notes). Whether reading textbooks or your own notes, you will learn effective reading comprehension skills required for success in high school, college, and throughout life.

ABOUT Author

Ron Fry is a nationally known spokesperson for the improvement of public education and an advocate for parents and students playing an active role in strengthening personal education programs. Aside from being the author of the vastly popular How to Study series, that to date has sold over two million copies, Fry has edited or written more than 30 different titles with the intention of providing resources to assist in education reform, leading towards his final goal of optimum student success.

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