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Book title: Certain Victory: The U.S. Army in the Gulf War
Author(s): Brig. Gen Robert H. Scales, Jr., USA
ISBN: 9788182746046
Publication Year: 2012
Binding: HB
Pages: 454
Price: Rs. 995 Rs. 995
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Certain Victory is a unique, clearest report of the US Army’s performance during Gulf War. It was researched and written under the author’s instruction by a group of eight officers drawn from many different combat specialities and backgrounds. Most are veterans of the Gulf War. This begins by chronicling the Army’s remarkable regeneration in the two decades after Vietnam- the changes that were the foundation of the Desert Storm victory. Each chapter leads of with a compelling personal combat story that brings you right into battle alongside individual soldiers and puts the conflict into human perspective.

ABOUT Author

Robert H. Scales, Jr. is a retired U.S. Army Major General and former Commandant of the US Army War College. He now works as a military analyst, news commentator, and author. Scales earned a Masters and PhD in History from Duke University in the early 1970s. He was a field artillery battalion commander in Korea (1982-1986), Deputy Chief of Staff or the U.S. Army V Corps in the Frankfurt, Germany (1986-1988).

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