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Book title: Encyclopaedia of Islamic Shariat (10 Vols.) set
Author(s): Maulana Muhammad Razi Khan Afridi & M.H. Syed (Eds.)
ISBN: 9788182744486
Publication Year: 2010
Binding: HB
Pages: -
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In broad Islamic terms, Islamic Shariat means `Law of Islam`. Religiously, it consists of a set of injunctions, provisions and tenets, which dictate the ways to make life comfortable, contended, balanced and disciplined. The most significant source of Islamic law is Holy Quran, which was revealed to the last Prophet Hadrat Muhammad (Pbuh) in a period, spanning over 23 plus years, bit by bit, as per timely requirements in Mecca and Medina. Besides Holy Quran, Holy Traditions also serve as an important source of Islamic law. These Traditions are words of the Prophet (pbuh), which he spoke either in elaboration of a verse of the holy Quran or in exhortation or in response to queries presented to him by his companions and the common people, regarding various issues in theory and practice. Broadly speaking, Islamic law can be divided into some major heads, such as, ideology, belief, faith, morality, family, society, polity, economy, rewards, crime and punishment etc. Simply, Islamic law touches upon every aspect of life. It speaks at length, how to live in peace and integrity and how to strengthen the nation, society, community and the weaker sections in particular. Of all these, faith holds the most important place in Islamic law. To call a spade, faith is the foundation stone upon which, rests the grand edifice of religion, known as Islam. Present book is an authentic work on Islam. Prepared with utmost care by great researchers and scholars and verified by accredited theologians. This encyclopedic work covers every relevant item in a best possible and practical manner. It`s an asset for all scholars, researchers, students and knowledge seekers, with regard to Islam.

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Maulana Muhammad Razi Khan Afridi, an authority on Islamic Studies and Theology, and an academic and scholar in his own right, is basically a researcher and teacher. A former member of teaching faculty, he has been on foreign tours, especially, Middle East, as a keen observer of Islamic movements, the world over. He is regarded as a think-tank, a liberal-minded, far-sighted and quick-witted personality in the academic circles of Aligarh Muslim University, in particular and outside world in general. He is highly educated, an M.A., M.Th in theology (Islamic Religious Studies) he is well-versed in English, Arabic, Persian, Urdu and Hindi. He started his life as a bright student at a Rampur seminary and Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi. Later on, he joined Aligarh Muslim University and devoted himself, wholeheartedly to the search of knowledge, tirelessly and enthusiastically. M.H. Syed, an academic and scholar in his own right, is a seasoned author, with many books to his credit. A prolific writer, he fluently writes on Islamic, academic, political, social, and literary subjects. Highly educated and qualified, he is a trained and experienced journalist, having edited several journals, apart from editing dozens of books. Based in Delhi, he is devoted to research and serious writing on a regular basis.

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