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Book title: VICTORY INDIA: A Key to Quality Military Leadership
Author(s): Col Vinay B Dalvi (Retd)
ISBN: 9788182747043
Publication Year: 2013
Binding: HB
Pages: 334
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‘Victory India’- a key to quality military leadership, is both a ‘landmark’ and ‘path-breaking’ publication on Military Leadership. Landmark, since it is a bold and trailblazing expose of the 65 years old, Selection and Training system of the military officers of the Indian Armed Forces, through landmark articles by 20 renowned and reputed military experts, respected professionals, in the field of Psychology, Technology, Sports Medicine and Academics. Path breaking, since the detailed flaws and shortcomings in all the intricate processes have been amply covered and brought out elaborately by the articles. The articles in turn have received a further deep insight through professional ‘responses’ from numerous retired military officers, selected serving intellectuals and other competent officers. This combined, cohesive and conclusive effort has enabled the total and holistic coverage of all connected matters of not only military leadership but also its intricate linkages with our civil leadership of bureaucrats and politicians, thus giving the true overall picture of the ‘national leadership crises’. Hence, ‘Victory India’ is a true and revealing eye opener for one and all concerned with nation building. This book is an earnest, fervent and collective endeavor to attract, select, train, groom and promote our budding and dynamic youth into inspiring, effective and quality military leaders.

ABOUT Author


Col Vinay B Dalvi commissioned on 13th June, 1971 from IMA, Dehradun. He served with 4 Maratha LI as a third generation officer for 8 years (1971-79); and with Army Physical Training Corps for 29 years (1979-2008). His 37 years distinguished service includes tenures in all sectors /commands of the Indian Army. An outstanding all round sportsman who excelled in Hockey up to Services level. Twice decorated with COAS commendation; he was a coach / manager of Services teams in Hockey, Athletics, Aquatics, Wrestling and Gymnastics. He was Physical Training Officer at IMA, NDA and OTA for 9 years. He served as PTO at various regimental training centers. Also served in Army HQ, Headquarters Southern & Eastern Commands. He was instructor at ASPT/AIPT and Armed Force’s Sports College, Pune.

A keen writer with an analytical mind; has written many articles on physical training and personality development. Critically reviewed many existing policies on selection and training in the Armed Forces and brought out very positive and beneficial recommendations.

His first book “Role Model” A key to Character Development was released in March 2010.

His second book “Sun-Tzu” The Art of War was released in April 2012.

“Victory India” A Key to Quality Military Leadership is a holistic review of the entire ‘selection’ and ‘training’ system of the military officer cadre of the Indian Armed Forces. This book is a combined, collective and cohesive effort. It consists of articles, views and responses of numerous renowned defence analysts and writers. It also has valuable inputs from reputed professionals in various fields including psychology, sports medicine, technology and academics.

The book is a clarion call for serious introspection of all our processes; involving identification, selection, nurturing, grooming and training of our dynamic youth to mould them into inspiring and effective Quality Military Leaders!

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