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Author(s): Ajay Singh & Monisha Singh
ISBN: 9788182745735
Publication Year: 2012
Binding: HB
Pages: 300
Price: Rs. 895 Rs. 895
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“The Battles that Shaped Indian History” is a concise, factual account of the battles that have decided India’s destiny. It covers a spectrum spanning almost two and a half millennia- from Alexandra’s battle with King Poros on the banks of the Jhelum River in 326 BC to India’s decisive victory over Pakistan in 1971. Twelve of India’s major battles have been covered, each embellished with detailed maps and photographs. The characteristics of the main protagonists, the tactics and weaponry utilized by both sides and also the turning moment of the battles have been enumerated to make the battles come alive and help the reader understand them better.

The book provides an interesting and incisive account of India’s military history and provides an illuminating overview of its battles. It highlights the tactical concepts, weaponry and thinking of Indian armies down the ages and also brings out the inherent flaws and weaknesses which were so often exploited by foreign invaders. The lessons of these battles can be applied in today’s conflicts and hold relevance even in the battlegrounds of the future.

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Ajay Singh, after a distinguished army career is now a full time writer and defence analyst. A poet, a photographer and a writer of repute he has over a hundred published articles to his name. He writes and lectures extensively on geo-politics and contemporary warfare across the country. He is now working on his second book.

Monisha Singh, the better half on this husband-wife team is herself an acclaimed journalist. She has written widely on a wide range of subjects including, fine arts, design, features and lifestyles. She is an acclaimed Odissi dancer and presently a successful soft-skills instructor based in Pune.

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