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Book title: Quaid-e-Azam MUHAMMAD ALI JINNAH: The Man behind the curtain
Author(s): Dinkar Joshi
ISBN: 9788182745926
Publication Year: 2012
Binding: HB
Pages: 404
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Jinnah, a character of the Indian subcontinent, who has reshaped the map and destiny of the people residing in India, was not only a master strategist political leader but also a very interesting case for psychoanalysis. The books published so far have been either for or against him, keeping in view his success or failure based on his political contribution. Here, first time after 65 years of his death, an effort is being made to understand his psychic tendencies which reflected throughout his life. In the initial  years of his career he was a Staunch Nationalist, to the extent the top Congress leaders like Gokhale and Sarojini Naidu branded him as an ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity. Jinnah himself has introduced him as ‘First Indian and then Muslim’!

An absolute lie propagated by some western biographers that Jinnah’s forefathers were of Arabian origin is proved wrong by Mr. Joshi in this book. Jinnah was a second generation converted Hindu from a small village Moti-Paneli near Rajkot (Gujarat Region), hardly 100 miles away where Mahatma Gandhi was brought up and educated.

The author has uncovered the layers of Jinnah’s life. A man, who could not stay with is family, married a second time at the age of 44 years to an 18-year-old Parsee girl. Both got separated within 6 years and she committed suicide. He ended his relationship with his only daughter since she married a non-Muslim. How all these personal aspects have contributed in building up his character is narrated in this novel very lucidly.

He divided the subcontinent, created a new nation, Pakistan for Muslims and was ironically ignored by his own colleagues who were in power during his last days. No doubt his life compels one to draw that he was a great man, but a self-centred person.

ABOUT Author


Born on 30th June 1937, Mr. Joshi has to his credit 150 books so far in Gujarati language. He started his literary career with the publication of a short story in 1954. His 44 books are translated and published in different Indian regional languages including English and German. His writing covers different areas of the life of mankind, i.e. with social and spiritual background, the research work on Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, epics like Mahabharat and Ramayan, etc. Biographical novel based on the life of different distinguished personalities, e.g. Gujarati poet Narmad, Mahatma Gandhi and his son Harilal, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who divided India, Rabindranath Tagore—a Nobel laureate Indian poet and also on Lord Buddha. On the eve of the completion of the Golden Jubilee year of his literary career, he was felicitated in a function held in Mumbai wherein his 11 books were released in 6 different Indian languages including English. The event of releasing 11 books in 6 languages at a time is recognized as a National record by the Limca book of records. Very recently he has edited the translation of complete ‘Mahabharat’ in Gujarati language in 20 volumes.

At present he is occupied with reading  and writing. He has also floated a Trust-Gujarati Sahityan Pradan Pratishthan with an objective of translation of Gujarati literary works in different languages. He lives in Mumbai.

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