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Author(s): Vijay Sakhuja (Ed.)
ISBN: 9788182745988
Publication Year: 2012
Binding: HB
Pages: 204
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The extended Indian Ocean space from the shores of Africa to Australasia, arguably, holds the potential to define the contours of the emerging global geo-strategic and economic architecture; it is rich in energy and other resources; includes flashpoints involving extra –regional power; is host to a few of the fastest growing economies and emerging power centres; and some of the crucial sea lanes pass through this space. At the same time, it is increasingly  an area of rivalries, trans-national crime, non-traditional threats to security, tensions and disputes, highlighting the need for strategic and economic cooperation, particularly amongst the littoral and hinterland countries. The somewhat slow to take off Indian Ocean Rim Cooperation (IOR-ARC) initiative could become one small effort to initiate such cooperation.  

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Dr. Vijay Sakhuja is Director (Research), Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi. He is the author of  ‘Asian Maritime Power in the Twenty-first Century: Strategic Transactions China, India and southeast Asia (2011) and ‘Confidence Building from the Sea: An Indian Initiative’ (2000), editor of India Vietnam Strategic Partnership: Exploring Vistas for Expanded Cooperation (2011), and co-editor of  Nagapatinam to Swarndweepa: Reflections on Chola Naval Expedition to Southeast Asia (2010)  and Marine Biodiversity & Fisheries Exploitation In The Indian Ocean: Threats And Opportunities (2009). Dr. Vijay Sakhuja is also Visiting Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS), Singapore since 2006. Earlier, he was a Senior Fellow at the Centre for Air Power Studies, Observer Research Foundation, and Research Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, and United Service Institution of India, all at New Delhi.

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