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Book title: Central Asia and South Asia: Energy Cooperation and Transport Lingages
Author(s): K. Warikoo (Ed.)
ISBN: 9788182745551
Publication Year: 2011
Binding: HB
Pages: 304
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With Central Asia and the Caspian region having emerged as vital source of energy supply, there has been a new quest for alternative and shortest transportation routes to export oil/gas from this region to other countries, especially the South Asian countries. The Middle East being in a flux, particularly after the Iraq conflict, the ongoing Iran imbroglio and now the war in Libya, energy-importing countries have been diversifying their sources of supply. Whereas Europe is looking towards Russian supplies, Japan and China are keen to tap the Russian Far East, Siberia, Kazakhstan and the Caspian region for their growing energy needs. China needs to boost its energy consumption by about 150 per cent to maintain its economic growth rate. For India, with its huge demand for energy, Central Asia in its extended neighbourhood presents a potential source of energy. Being the sixth largest energy consumer in the world, India`s crude imports are expected to double in a decade. India is facing logistic hazards due to lack of common border with Central Asian countries.The North-South Transport Corridor which seeks to restore the historic trade of conventional commodities between South Asia and Central Asia by facilitating faster and cheaper movement of goods from South Asia to Europe, and establishing a strategic transport link between Asia and Europe via Central Asia, Iran and Russia, is also beset with certain problems on the ground.

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Dr. K. Warikoo is Professor, Central Asian Studies Programme, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi. He is the Secretary General (Hon`y) of Himalayan Research and Cultural Foundation, and Founder Editor, Himalayan and Central Asian Studies, a quarterly journal published since 1997. His major publications include Religion and Security in South and Central Asia (Editor) (UK, US and Canada, Routledge, 2011), Cultural Heritage of Kashmiri Pandits (Co-Editor) (New Delhi, 2009); Himalayan Frontiers of India (Editor) (UK, US and Canada, Routledge, 2009); Cultural Heritage of Jammu and Kashmir (Editor) (New Delhi, 2009); Central Asia since Independence (Editor) (New Delhi, 2004) and Afghanistan: The Challenge (Editor) (New Delhi, 2007); Bamiyan: Challenge to World Heritage (Editor) (New Delhi, 2002); The Afghanistan Crisis: Issues and Perspectives (Editor) (New Delhi, 2002); Gujjars of Jammu and Kashmir (Editor) (Bhopal, 2001); Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh: Linguistic Predicament (Co-Editor) (New Delhi 1996); Society and Culture in the Himalayas (Editor) (New Delhi 1995); Central Asia: Emerging New Order (Editor) (New Delhi, 1995); Ethnicity and Politics in Central Asia (Co-Editor) (New Delhi, 1992); Central Asia and Kashmir: A Study in the Context of Anglo-Russian Rivalry (New Delhi, 1989).

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