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Author(s): S.V.Salahuddin
ISBN: 9788182743243
Publication Year: 2008
Binding: HB
Pages: 288
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September 11, 2001 is generally perceived as the day when the world split between two civilizations comprising of the Christian West and the Islamic world. The cracks, leading to the split however, had started to appear much earlier. From the mid-1970 onwards pan-Islamic fundamentalist movements were gaining in strength in most Muslim countries stretching from Algeria to Iran and the Gulf. This upsurge of violence is explained as not as the result of clash of civilization, as the bloodiest conflicts have occurred not between Muslim groups or states and the West but within the Muslim world itself. This holds true for the interstate conflict such as the terrorism of the Algerian Islamists against their fellow citizens or the present ongoing sectarian strife in Iraq and the internecine war in Afghanistan. It applies to the assassination attempts, successful and unsuccessful, against the Arab and Muslim leaders.

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Syed Viqar Salahuddin graduated as a Chemical Engineer from the University of New Mexico in the U.S. in 1967. He has worked in the Oil and Gas sectors with the affiliates of Exxon and Shell in South Asia and the Far East, in various assignments, which included appointments as Chief Executive Officer of an Oil Refinery and a Liquid Petroleum Gas Marketing company. He retired in 2006 after a work tenure extending over 39 years.

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