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Author(s): Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri
ISBN: 8186505806
Publication Year: 2006
Binding: HB
Pages: 176
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The Thoughtful Guide series is for serious spiritual seekers looking to deepen their knowledge of a particular religion. It offers not primarily text books for the library, though they can be used as such, but accessible overviews of the history and the benefits that a particular religious practice can bring to the reader. The authors eschew fundamentalism and excessive simplifications, mapping out paths than can be followed with the mind as well as heart.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in North America, and the world, with well over the billion followers. Since September 11, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and the ongoing war against terror, the world has seemed to be heading inexorably towards greater confrontation between Muslim and non-Muslim cultures.

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Shaykh Fadhlall Haeri is a writer-philosopher who combines knowledge and experience of the spiritual teachings of the East with a keen understanding of the West. He was raised in a family of several generations of spiritual leaders in the Holy City of Karbala. Educated in Europe and America. Shaykh Fadhlalla was active in the oil industry and international business, which he later abandoned in pursuit of spiritual knowledge. His re-discovery of the true Islamic heritage enables him to understand and relate to the spiritual quest wherever it may arise, irrespective of culture or ethnic diversity.

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