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Author(s): Pat Weymes
ISBN: 8182741424
Publication Year: 2006
Binding: H
Pages: 268
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The old stereotype of the cold-blooded salesman closing in for the kill, mesmerizing his customers with a series of carefully rehearsed techniques is still current. Yet nobody has come up with an affective alternative approach to the well-worm ‘techniques’ that have plagued the selling profession for decades. Until  now….  

Pat Weymes shows that there is a better way, one in which nobody-customer, salesperson or sales manager emerges as loser, Win-Win Sales Management demonstrates this new approach, which is based on creating a series of mutually based on creating a series of mutually beneficial relationship between all the parties involved, matching the needs of the customer with the company’s products or services. 

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Pat Weymes is a recognised  authority on selling and one of the outstanding sales trainers of his generation, having worked with such prestigious companies as Xerox and ITT. He is the author of several books on selling, sales training and sales management, including A Handbook of Sales Training and Development ( Kogan Page). Pat’s consultancy, Win Win Selling, offers web-based sales training for both manager and sales training for both managers and sales training for both managers and salespeople. His sales training course is currently being rolled out globally in IBM.  

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