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Book title: Encyclopaedia of Genetics (2 Vols.) set
Author(s): E.C.R. Reeve, Ed.
ISBN: 9788186830437
Publication Year: 2010
Binding: HB
Pages: -
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The science of genetics essentially began in early 1900 with the rediscovery of Mendel’s laws, and the century between 1901 to 2000 has witnessed an enormous growth in our genetic knowledge, so this seems an appropriate time for The Encyclopaedia  of Genetics to be launched. 

This Encyclopaedia is a collection of articles of varying  lenth on a great variety of topics supported by plently of references that show how each topic is built on many strands of research. 

ABOUT Author


Dr. E.C.R. Reeve, the editor of this important work, is based at the Institute of Cell, Animal and Population Biology at the University of Edinburgh and is founding editor of Genetical Research.     

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