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Book title: SUN BIN: The Art of Warfare
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ISBN: 9788182744165
Publication Year: 2009
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In 1972 the Chinese government announced the discovery of certain burial sites and tombs dating from the Han Dynasty (206 B.C. to A.D. 220). One of the more important discoveries occurred at Yin-Chueh-shan in Lin-I country, Shantung province, where a tomb contained important works on history, philosophy, and military affairs. Of special significance was the discovery of the work entitled Sun Bin Bing-fa(literally military tactics or methods of war). This work, lost for over 1700 years, had been the focus of debate over the centuries, as scholars were confused over the identity of Sun Bin. These recent excavations have shed more light on ancient Chinese history and are important in giving us a more detailed knowledge and understanding of the role of military affairs in ancient Chinese history, as well as knowledge of ancient Chinese military thought.

SU BIN lived during what is known in Chinese history as the Warring States period, and he rose to fame as adviser or chief of staff of the army of the state of Ch’i. This was a time of intense military and diplomatic rivalry among the various states during the late Chou period, and Sun Bin assisted the state of Ch’i in its military affairs and advised Ch’I in victory in two famous battles: the Battle Kuei-ling in 352 B.C. and the Battle of Ma-ling in 341 B.C. 

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