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Book title: Dare to Win: Magic Mantras to Motivate Yourself
Author(s): Anandi Lal Malani
ISBN: 81860830707
Publication Year: 2005
Binding: PB
Pages: 264
Price: Rs. 150 Rs. 150
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Dare to win is intended to help you master the techniques specially in areas like goal setting, effective time management and utilization, foster creativity &  innovation at all levels, creative process & problem living, transaction analysis & feedback handling. It contains ideas that will challenge & provoke you to assess improvement.

Life is an interesting oddessey. Ever since the evolution of the mankind, the human being are in constant quest to attain excellence, perfection and happiness.

From cradle to grave, the journey runs with several major milestones of desire and wish fulfillment. Most of us need help to rejuvenate our life goals and ambitions. Such help leads to feeling of achievement, motivation, positive attitude and overall feeling of wellness and self-worth. A positive attitude means not bowing to the fear of failure but continue to make fresh efforts for success. You will realise that there has never been a problem except in your thinking. Each and everything starts with you. Without desires and dreams there can be no motivation.

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