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Book title: Getting Organized for Your New Baby
Author(s): Maureen Bard & Christine Zuchora-Walske
ISBN: 8182749719
Publication Year: 2007
Binding: PB
Pages: 240
Price: Rs. 150 Rs. 150
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Everything you’ll need to prepare for pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum is here: checklists, how-to hints, forms, key facts, and resources to help you schedule, budget, and prioritize during this special time in your life. This book will erase your worries about missing important details. In it you’ll find essential info on: 
(1) Getting Pregnant  
(2) Baby Gear  
(3) Choosing Childcare  
(4) Prenatal Health           
(5) Household Management  
(6) Celebrating the big event  
(7) Childbirth Preparation  
(8) Financial Planning  
(9)Life with Baby

ABOUT Author

Maureen Bard is a mother of two grown children who applauds the way parenting ideas and equipment change with the times. She lives near Indianapolis. 

Christine Zuchora-Walske recently learned the hard way that getting organized before a baby arrives is essential. She’s mom to a toddler, an editor of parenting books, and author of five children’s books. She lives in Minneapolis.

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