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Book title: SEXY SUCCESSFUL SPIRITUAL: My Proven Formula to Stay `In The Zone, All The Time` and Create A Kick-ass Life and Work You Love!
Author(s): Vineetha Athrey
ISBN: 9788182748446
Publication Year: 2015
Binding: HB
Pages: 198
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Sexy Successful Spiritual™ is not just an interesting book to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon. It`s a set of tools that, when you use, can make you, your work, your relationships and your brand unstuck. It is a complete antithesis to everything that has been bandied about under self-help, plain vanilla motivation and conventional spirituality. For the first time, you and everything you represent – your life, work, relationships – can be sexy and spiritual; they can be successful and spiritual – completely, unabashedly and without guilt.

Over 15 years since her pre-teens Vineetha had exposed herself to and practiced various schools of conventional spirituality and self-development. An avid reader, she had also read about evolution, neuroscience and the psychology of motivation extensively, all in her quest to understand why we do what we do. When she lost her mother suddenly to breast cancer in 2007, it prompted Vineetha to reverse-engineer the entire conundrum to design a practical solution that `worked` in daily life. It`s an approach so unique you haven`t ever heard of it! – Staying In The Zone, All The Time™.

In The Zone, All The Time™ combines the core wisdom of Buddhist philosophy with the principles of Evolutionary Biology, Brain Science, and the Psychology of Motivation, and has not only helped Vineetha, but has also transformed several lives since then. And in this book she brings all of this to YOU.

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Vineetha Athrey takes great delight in calling herself a “Professional Career Changer”. And why not – over the last eight years Vineetha has helped transform business systems as a Software Engineer and Business Analyst with TCS; she has cracked some of the biggest business stories and scams, interacting closely with Corporate honchos, Entrepreneurs, Venture Capitalists, Nobel Laureates, Economists, Politicians, Bureaucrats, Scientists, Heads of Nations, and even Sports and Movie stars as an Award-winning Financial Journalist with CNBC-TV18; and is now an Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur; alongside being a theatre actor, documentary film-maker and passionate story-teller. She is the creator of In The Zone, All The Time™. Vineetha believes that starting her journalistic career tracking the bloodiest economic crisis of our times – the 2008 global economic downturn – has taught her much more about human behavior and the psychology of motivation than what any other book, person or school ever could! This is her first book.

After giving up her high-powered, glamorous job on TV, in her latest avatar as a Professional Speaker and Entrepreneur Vineetha aims to add tremendous value to your business and life by giving you unique perspectives, framework and tools that would empower you to Break Free of the Blinkers, Come up with Game-changing Ideas and Tell High-impact Stories that transform your business and life, and leave you with More Ideas, More Money, More Impact!

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