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Book title: Old Europe New Asia:Strategies, Challenges, Responses
Author(s): Krishnan Srinivasan
ISBN: 9788182748545
Publication Year: 2016
Binding: HB
Pages: 224
Price: Rs. 995 Rs. 995
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The book traces the various contemporary interactions between Europe, essentially the European Union, and the emerging big economies of Asia, primarily China and India. Covering strategic partnerships, the environment, values and human rights, international organisations, trade and investment, the author considers that Europe and emerging Asia could be natural partners with considerable synergy in fashioning a new multi-polar world, but are handicapped by their respective internal weaknesses, lack of self-confidence, and the considerable influence of the United States despite the probability of its rebalance to Asia proving to be a non-starter. This book explores the limitations of the present in Europe-Asian relations, and the potential for the future.

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Krishnan Srinivasan has been the Indian foreign secretary and Commonwealth deputy secretary-general. He has had fellowships at Cambridge, Leiden, Uppsala and Kolkata. He is a regular columnist and book reviewer for some national newspapers.

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