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Book title: India and the Oceania: Exploring Vistas for Cooperation
Author(s): Pankaj K Jha
ISBN: 9788182748569
Publication Year: 2016
Binding: HB
Pages: 248
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Since the last decade, the future of India seems to be fresh and dynamic as it redefines itself and creates a new political role. India`s strategic outlook has always given importance to its immediate neighbourhood followed by extended neighbourhood. With an rising economic status and increasing acceptance of its role as an indispensable player in global politics, India has enhanced its engagement with the Oceania. The region comprises 14 Pacific island nations and 2 relatively large countries, Australia and New Zealand. India has started engaging the region because of possibilities related to Blue Economy, capacity building and sea bed mineral resources. Further, the large Exclusive Economic Zones of these island nations have opened vast opportunities, but these nations need help in terms of coastal monitoring, sustainable development and human resource management. India has created a niche for itself in these areas by providing technical assistance and low-cost solutions. However, India still needs to take into account these nations` concerns related to nuclear issues and climate change. India`s security and progress are closely connected with those of its neighbours. This book explores the vistas of cooperation, highlighting the common issues and concerns. 

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Dr. Pankaj K Jha is Director (Research) at the Indian Council of World Affairs (ICWA). Prior to that, he was a Deputy Director with the National Security Council Secretariat, Government of India. He had worked as Research Fellow with ICWA and Associate Fellow at Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses(IDSA). He has done his PhD from the Centre of Southeast Asia and Southwest Pacific Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University and is an Economics Graduate from Delhi University.  His areas of interests include Southeast Asia, Indo-Pacific, counter-terrorism, and regional economic issues. He has presented papers in a number of international conferences/ seminars and has published research papers and articles. He has given lectures in Institute for South Asian Studies (ISAS), Singapore, Centre for International Security Studies (CISS), Sydney University, Kunming University, Yunnan University etc. He has been a participant in Track II India-Australia Dialogue (2006 & 2014), India-Malaysia Bilateral Strategic Dialogue (2007) and Track II dialogue with New Zealand ( 2009 & 2010). India and China in Southeast Asia: Competition or Cooperation, 2013 is his previous book.

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