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Book title: Latin America, The Caribbean and India: Promise and Challenge
Author(s): Deepak Bhojwani
ISBN: 9788182748279
Publication Year: 2015
Binding: HB
Pages: 232
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Latin America and the Caribbean is the region least familiar to India. There has been scant historical migration, interaction and contact.

This book attempts initially to familarise the reader with the reality of that region. The early chapters trace historic developments, political, economic and social movements, and disaggregate a seemingly homogenous geopolitical agglomeration. Subsequent chapters analyse the political, economic, commercial, cultural and other relations with India.

The region of thirty-three nations holds much potential for India, with enormous resource endowments, progressive governments, impressive growth rates and social policies that have anchored stable democratic regimes. The reader gets to look beneath the veil at some aspects which call attention. The author outlines the promise and the challenge, and makes recommendations on the way forward to a more effective and fruitful relationship.

ABOUT Author


Deepak Bhojwani joined the Indian Foreign Service in 1978. He served in the Ministry of External Affairs and the office of the Prime Minister of India. He was posted in Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Czech Republic. The last twelve years of his career, from 2000 till 2012, he was Consul General in Sao Paulo, Brazil, then Ambassador to Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba, concurrently accredited to Ecuador, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

His travel and experiences opened up a world with which India then had a peripheral engagement. The rapidly growing economic and commercial relationship encouraged Ambassador Bhojwani to stay in the region, explore and understand it better. His familiarity with Spanish and Portuguese enabled him to learn from and interact with officials, professionals and others, inculcating an abiding commitment.

Deepak Bhojwani has written and lectured extensively on Latin America and the Caribbean and its relations with India. His consultancy, LATINDIA seeks to build bridges between India and that region.

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