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Book title: The Tiger of the Land of Morning Calm: Russian Ambassador`s Thoughts on South Korea
Author(s): Gleb Ivashentsov
ISBN: 9788182747753
Publication Year: 2014
Binding: HB
Pages: 138
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This is not a traditional memoir of a diplomat, it doesn`t dwell minutely on the author`s postings and on the routine of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which are of interest for fellow diplomats only. This book is a lively narration of an observant Russian person who has his own take on the Republic of Korea, Russia`s next door neighbor in the Far East, with a lot of common business with Russia. This book is about those elements of South Korean life that could be borrowed by other countries. It is about those people the author met in Seoul.

It is also about how the author understands the ways and means for settling the Korean issue which is one of the hottest international issues of today.

ABOUT Author


Ambassador Gleb A. Ivashentsov 1945-born in St-Petersburg, Russia. 1967-graduated from International Economic Relations Faculty, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

1991- Diplomatic Academy, USSR Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Languages: Russian, English, Hindi-speaks fluently, German and French-reads.

Career: 1967-1969, USSR Ministry of Foreign Trade;

1969-1975, International Department, Central Committee, Communist Party of the Soviet Union;

1975-2009, USSR/ Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

1991-1995, Consul General of USSR/Russia in Bombay, India;

1995-1997, First Deputy Director, Third Asian Department (South and Southwest Asia), Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

1997-2001, Ambassador of Russia to the Union of Myanmar (Burma);

2001-2005, Director, Third, Second Asian Department (South and Southwest Asia), Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs;

2005-2009, Ambassador of Russia to the Republic of Korea;

As a member of Inter-Governmental Commissions on Cooperation with India, Iran, the Union of Myanmar and the Republic of Korea took active part in working out programs of political and economic relations with those countries. During his tenure as Ambassador to the Republic of Korea made a weighty personal contribution to the advancement of Russian-South Korean cooperation in energy, including peaceful use of nuclear energy, and space exploration. State awards: The Order of Friendship (Russia) in 2003 and Khanhwa Order for distinguished diplomatic service (Republic of Korea) in 2009.

Publications: a number of books in Russian, English and Korean on international relations the best known of them?India had circulation of 100 Thousand in 1989. Authored numerous articles in Russian and international magazines. Most recent publications: India?basics in brief in Russian (2009) and Behind the Dragon`s Teeth of 38th parallel. Russian Ambassador thoughts on South Korea in Russian and Korean(2012).

Special Research Fellow of the China Center for Contemporary World Studies. Married. One Daughter E-mail:

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