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Author(s): V. Srinivas
ISBN: 9789390095742
Publication Year: 2023
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India assumes G20 Presidency from   1 December 2022. Prime Minister Modi has said that India looks forward to a Presidency of healing, harmony and hope. For a Nation deeply committed to multilateralism and democracy, the G20 Presidency is a significant moment in India`s history.

G20@2023 – The Roadmap to Indian Presidency, traces the rise of the G20, in battling financial crisis— the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-09, the Eurozone Crisis of 2010, and the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019 and in formulating an agenda for strong, sustainable and balanced growth. V.Srinivas documents the complex functioning of the G20 and its collaboration with important multilateral institutions- International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Trade Organization,  World Health Organization,  Financial Stability Board, OECD, UNFCC and non-governmental/ civil society Engagement Groups.

The G20 today represents the foremost facet of multilateralism. The Indian Presidency has announced over 200 meetings in the runup to the New Delhi 2023 summit. There is a high level of deliberative democracy at work in the G20 meetings.

Prime Minister Modi`s seminal contribution to nine G20 Summit meetings from the Brisbane Summit in 2014 to the Bali Summit in 2022, BRICS Leaders’ meetings and regional groupings has been documented comprehensively.

From 1 December 2022, India`s greatest moment of multilateralism since Independence has arrived which will culminate with the New Delhi Leaders’ Summit in September 2023. G20@2023 - The Roadmap to Indian Presidency is a comprehensive study of the world’s most influential multilateral group that has shaped global policy making in a significant way.

G20@2023: The Roadmap to the Indian Presidency


V. Srinivas’ deeply researched book G20@2023: The Roadmap to the Indian Presidency comprehensively sets out the evolution of the G20 from its inception in 2008 to its present position as the premier forum for international economic cooperation. The author’s background as an brilliant scholar-administrator who has been closely associated with the highest political levels and also worked in multilateral financial institutions gives him a unique perspective that is reflected in this work. 
The book traces step by step the expansion of the scope of the G20 meetings over the years. The happenings at the key Summits held are covered in considerable depth. The book highlights the stellar role played by G20 in actively responding and successfully tackling severe global financial crises like the Global Financial Crisis of 2008, the Eurozone Crisis of 2010 and the Covid 19 Pandemic of 2020. It contains a wealth of documentation that provide useful insights into the decision-making processes of G20 and the complex workings of multilateralism in practice.

In this aptly titled Roadmap, the author brings out India’s approach and perspective to the presidency of this key global forum, and sets out the reform agenda and initiatives that are likely to define India’s presidency of the G20. In a currently divided and increasingly multipolar world, he brings out how India’s presidency is being seen as an opportunity to guide the global order towards strengthening multilateralism and encourage more consultative and inclusive global policy making processes.

G20@2023: The Roadmap to the Indian Presidency is an invaluable reference for scholars, academics and highly recommended for anyone even remotely interested in the background and happenings related to the crucial Indian presidency of G20. For those directly or indirectly associated with the G20 process in any capacity, this book is absolutely a must have!

ABOUT Author

V. Srinivas is presently Secretary to Government of India, Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances and Department of Pension and Pensioners Welfare. He represents India on the Council of Administration of the International Institute of Administrative Sciences, Brussels, from 2018-23.

V. Srinivas has served as Special Secretary, Additional Secretary, Joint Secretary and Deputy Secretary in the Government of India in the Ministries of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Health & Family Welfare, Culture, Textiles and Petroleum & Natural Gas. Further, he has served as Private Secretary to Finance Minister and Private Secretary to External Affairs Minister. He held charge of Director General of National Centre for Good Governance and National Archives of India. In the State Government, he has served as Chairman of the Board of Revenue for Rajasthan, Ajmer, Chairman, Rajasthan Tax Board and as Secretary to the Government of Rajasthan in Planning, Finance, Health and Science & Technology departments.

V. Srinivas is vastly experienced in multilateralism having served as Advisor to Executive Director (India) in the International Monetary Fund, Washington DC, from 2003-2006, leading Indian delegations to the plenary meetings of the International Cotton Advisory Committee from 2010-2013, Asia-Europe Culture Ministers meeting in 2014. He is a recipient of two ICWA book research fellowships for India’s Relations with the International Monetary Fund 1991-2016: 25 Years in Perspective and G20@2023 - The Roadmap to Indian Presidency. He has authored 195 papers/articles on public finance and public administration and delivered 95 orations. He is a senior administrator, a respected academician and an institution builder par excellence.
This book G20@2023 - The Roadmap to Indian Presidency is his third book. 

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