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Book title: Talibanisation of Pakistan: From 9/11 to 26/11
Author(s): Amir Mir
ISBN: 9788182744332
Publication Year: 2010
Binding: HB
Pages: 480
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Media Appreciation: Pakistan`s sincerity in dealing with terrorists operating from its soil has always been a subject of speculation. As India prepares for some serious stocktaking on the first anniversary of the 26/11 attacks, concerns remain about the possibility of similar terrorist attacks being launched from Pakistan in the future. Amir Mir shows in his book how Talibanisation began with Gen Zia-ul-Haq and continued to flourish even under the man who joined the US-led war against terror-General Musharraf. Describing the terror outfits-particularly those involved in Jammu & Kashmir and elsewhere in India-as the `civilian face of the Pakistani army`, Mir acknowledges how the current situation in Pakistan is a direct result of Islamabad using terrorism as a foreign policy tool to deal with India and in its quest for geo-strategic depth in the region. Outlook, India, December 7, 2009. `Talibanisation of Pakistan` takes the lid off all the lies and contradictions dished out on a daily basis by Pakistani military and the military-controlled government, which is losing its governable ground at a disturbing pace to the very Frankensteins spawned by the Pakistan Army over the past decades. Also, what this book dwells on is not only the disturbing aspect of Pakistan yet again reaching the brink with unprecedented developments, but how many of these adversely affect India, Afghanistan, the United States in its war on terror there, even Britain, and obviously Pakistan itself. The Asian Age, India, October 28, 2009 `Talibanisation of Pakistan` covers all the significant facts about the rise and rise of the Taliban in Pakistan and combines purposeful theoretical investigation with good use of history and empirical evidence. For its historical and political examination of Talibanisation, the book is a valuable work and a `must read` for anyone who wants to understand how Pakistan can respond to acts of terror. Amir Mir`s strength lies in the building up of case studies in an historical context to illustrate the dimensions of this amorphous phenomenon. The author draws in the reader with skill rarely seen in nonfiction writing. This extremely complex issue is dealt with in a unique yet straight forward manner. The book has the obvious authority of high quality research. The News International, Pakistan, October 19, 2009

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Amir Mir : Amir Mir, a former editor of Weekly Independent, is one of Pakistan`s foremost investigative journalists whose insightful writings on terrorism, Islamic militant groups and their links with the country`s military and intelligence establishment have repeatedly drawn the ire of the establishment. He started his journalistic career in 1988 with the English daily The Frontier Post, Lahore, and has worked with numerous leading newspaper organisations in Pakistan and abroad. He has earlier authored two books on the subject of militant Islam and terrorism. His first book, ``The True Face of Jehadis`` (Mashal Books/Roli Books) was published in 2006; and his second book, ``The Fluttering Flag of Jehad`` (Mashal Books) was published in 2008. He has also co-authored ``Most Wanted: Profiles of Terror`` (Mashal Books) in 2002. He has also won the prestigious `All Pakistan Newspapers Society (APNS) Award` in the category of `The Best Investigative Journalist` of Pakistan for the year 2006. He, however, refused to accept the award from the then President, General Pervez Musharraf, as a matter of principle. He is currently affiliated with Pakistan`s leading English newspaper The News, Lahore, as Deputy Editor.

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