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Author(s): K C Dixit
ISBN: 9788182746039
Publication Year: 2012
Binding: HB
Pages: 182
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This book portrays how the peculiarities of sub-conventional warfare impact the soldiers and what needs to be done to address the ill effects by various agencies at macro as well as micro level. Specially, it brings out the methodology to sustain motivation of troops in this special  warfare and suggests measures to optimize their stress levels. Through this book, the author has brought out various issues which cause extraordinary stress among army personnel operating in sub-conventional warfare environment. The issue assumes greater significance due to the fact that soldiers trained in conventional warfare tactics suffer higher levels of stress when employed for sub-conventional  operations. Various realistic recommendations have been made to address stress related issues in the army.

The bearings of this study are universal with special reference to Indian context. This book has tried to highlight some of the basic issues that need to be addressed to build army`s human resource for sub-conventional warfare, while keeping their conventional warfare capability intact. Sub-conventional operations put tremendous professional and psychological pressures on military leaders and troops. Therefore, the importance of sustaining their motivation and morale in these circumstances, assumes added importance, which if not addressed in right earnest, can well manifest in the form of stress, tension, frustration, anger and cumulatively result in below par performance as a combat outfit.

The analyses presented in this book reflect upon the need of understanding sub-conventional warfare, its impact on the psyche of participating troops and adopting methodology to develop army`s human resource by sustaining their motivational levels through stress optimization process.

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A former Research Fellow at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), New Delhi, Colonel Kailash Chandra Dixit is an alumnus of National Defence Academy. He was commissioned into the Indian Army in 1983. He has done M.Tech in communication engineering and MBA in HR & PR. He commanded a Corps Operating Signal Regiment in Counter Insurgency Operations (OP RHINO) in the eastern theatre. He is an experienced communication planner and executor and was awarded COAS Commendation Card for displaying exceptional devotion to duty, tact in handling men, resources and dealing with local population in CI environment.

He has presented a number of papers, chaired number of sessions on human resource development and conducted lectures on sustaining motivation, optimization of stress and understanding sub-conventional warfare for IPS/IFS/IAS probationers as also BSF DIGs/Commandants. He has been  Associate Editor of the Journal of Defence Studies. He has written number of articles in peer reviewed journals. His occasional papers on Sustaining Motivation in sub-conventional warfare, Addressing Stress-Related Issues in Army and Optimising Stress in Sub-Conventional warfare have been well received.

He was Director ISTT at Integrated HQ of MoD(Army) and before joining IDSA, was responsible for training and HRD of more than 90,000 personnel of the Corps of Signals.

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