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Book title: Criminal Justice System: My Experience and the Way Forward
Author(s): Davinder Pal Singh
ISBN: 9789390095841
Publication Year: 2023
Binding: HB
Pages: 164
Price: Rs. 695 Rs. 695
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The book provides an insightful examination of India’s criminal justice system and offers tangible solutions for its reform. With over three decades of experience in criminal law, the author brings a unique perspective. The author meticulously dissects the system’s shortcomings and presents innovative ideas to enhance its effectiveness and accessibility. This engaging and approachable book sheds light on the diverse array of individuals involved, ranging from victims and accused individuals to investigators, judges, and society as a whole. The book navigates through the critical stages of the criminal justice process, addressing pressing issues such as investigations, trials, sentencing, and more. By emphasizing the urgent need for impartiality, efficiency, and ethical standards, the author advocates for a comprehensive overhaul of the system. The author’s compelling arguments and practical recommendations will stimulate a much-needed dialogue on the state of criminal justice in India, empowering readers to envision a fairer and more equitable future.

This book is a must-read for not only all law students, teachers, practitioners but also the common man.

ABOUT Author

Davinder Pal Singh is a lawyer with more than thirty years experience. His primary area of practice is criminal law. He has argued several thousand cases in appellate courts and led all types of criminal trials. He was appointed Additional Advocate-General for the States of Haryana and Punjab where he represented them before the High Court and Supreme Court. Over the last twelve years, the author has led prominent trials as both defence counsel as well as a special prosecutor. He has represented the CBI and ED as a prosecutor in highly sensitive and high-profile cases. Besides handling complex murder cases, he has represented telecom giant(s)in the 2G spectrum case and has managed their complex regulatory issues leading to criminal trials. He has also authored important draft legislations, notably the Cyber Legislation draft, and path-breaking papers on various aspects of criminal law.

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