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Book title: Business and Trade in Islam
Author(s): M. M. Khan , M. H. Syed (Eds.)
ISBN: 9788182743724
Publication Year: 2010
Binding: HB
Pages: 361
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Islam considers business and trade to be the best mode of earning. And, among the different types of trade, Halal business is recommended as the best by Islam. Money earned through hard work and fair means is full of benefits. On the one hand, hard work is vitalizing and keeps the body active and ready to work; on the other hand, it promotes a healthy life. During the time of the Prophet (Pbuh), people would go from city to city in groups (called carvans) to trade. This involved travel to far-off places where people sold their commodities and brought back the products available there. There are advantages of trading which are particularly significant. Such exchange of goods results in an exchange of cultural values as well and increases knowledge of the world. Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh) himself led many expeditions and earned money as well as reputation and respect. Islam prohibits business based on gambling. Likewise, selling products which are prohibited by Islam for consumption, must not be traded. Accordingly, sale of pork and the meat of dead animals are prohibited. Islam places strong emphasis on cleanliness and fairness in life, be it in transactions, commitments, agreements or in food, drinks, clothings, etc. Islam condemns unfair, flawed or tainted practices in businesses and enterprises. This particular work carefully examines and emphasizes each and every aspect of business and trade as per Islamic injunctions.

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