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Book title: BEING A TIGER: Life and Leadership Lessons
Author(s): Col Harpreet Singh Kohli
ISBN: 9788195189465
Publication Year: 2024
Binding: PB
Pages: 158
Price: Rs. 350 Rs. 350
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"Being a Tiger" is a captivating book that offers unique insights into life and leadership. Drawing from the author’s personal experiences as the commanding officer of a battalion of 800 men, he shares valuable lessons that are relevant to readers in various domains, both military and non-military.

Throughout the book, Colonel Kohli recounts his journey as a commanding officer, or "Tiger" as referred to in the Indian Army. He candidly reflects on his on-the-job learning process, acknowledging the mistakes he made along the way. These mistakes, however, served as powerful catalysts for developing his empathy and leadership skills.

What sets "Being a Tiger" apart is its engaging and lighthearted narrative style, enriched with anecdotes from the author`s tenure as the Tiger of one of the Indian Army`s most distinguished infantry battalions. While providing an enjoyable read, the book also imparts profound life and leadership lessons that the author acquired through firsthand experience.
Whether you are a military officer or a leader in any other field, "Being a Tiger" offers invaluable wisdom that can be applied to enhance your leadership capabilities. The book inspires readers to embrace the challenges of leadership and emphasizes the significance of empathy and effective decision-making.

It is a must-read for anyone seeking to develop their leadership skills and gain a fresh perspective on what it means to lead with empathy and resilience.

ABOUT Author

Colonel Harpreet Singh Kohli is currently serving in the Indian Army. In addition to being an avid reader and sports enthusiast, he has established himself as an accomplished writer, having authored four books that showcase his diverse range of interests. The books are, ‘Autobiography of a Killer’, ‘The India-Pakistan Tango’, ‘The Other Side of a Soldier’ and ‘Being a Tiger.’

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