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Book title: Emerging Trends in West Asia: Regional and Global Implications
Author(s): Meena Singh Roy
ISBN: 9788182747715
Publication Year: 2014
Binding: HB
Pages: 310
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The West Asian region has been weathering waves of volatility and instability for the last five years. The political storm that slammed into Tunisia in late 2010 gradually engulfed the entire region under the umbrella of `Arab Spring`.These developments have had both global and regional implications. With the growing economic and energy ties between Asia and the Gulf region, several Asian countries particularly, India, Japan, China and South Korea have developed major stakes in the security and stability of the West Asian region. Thus, the desire to understand the West Asian region from a global and regional perspective has been at the heart of inquiry in this edited volume. The book provides an in-depth assessment of socio-political, economic and strategic trends unfolding in West Asia. It also explores options for India to enhance existing relations with the West Asian region in a much more meaningful manner. The complexities of West Asia have been systematically explored by scholars, diplomats and specialists to advance the understanding of West Asia`s political and strategic architecture.

ABOUT Author

Meena Singh Roy : Meena Singh Roy is a Research Fellow and Coordinator of the West Asia Centre at the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses. She has done her Ph.D. from University of Delhi and has been senior research scholar in the Department of African Studies, Delhi University. She has also been associated with Institute of Commonwealth Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies for her research work. Her area of specialisation is Central Asia, and Iran. She has been involved in net assessment reports on Central Asia and West Asia. She has published a book titled, International and Regional Security Dynamics: Indian and Iranian Perspectives (ed.), July 2009, Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses, New Delhi. Her forthcoming Monograph is on ``The Shanghai Cooperation Organization: India Seeking New Role in the Eurasian Regional Mechanism``.

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