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Book title: Understanding Operation Enduring Freedom: Afghanistan 2001-2014
Author(s): Col Harjeet Singh (Retd)
ISBN: 9788182749283
Publication Year: 2016
Binding: PB
Pages: 372
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Operation Enduring Freedom Afghanistan has been the longest war in American history. Even after the drawdown of NATO/ISAF forces it has cast a shadow over Afghanistan`s future and highlighted the U.S. failure to gradually wind down the conflict.

Today, the resurgent Taliban hold more Afghan territory than before, the civilian toll is at a record high and Afghan military casualties are rising. From sanctuaries in Pakistan and from the Afghan areas they hold, the Taliban are carrying out increasingly daring attacks, including in the capital Kabul.

In declaring war in Afghanistan,in 2001, after the world`s worst terrorist attack in modern history, U.S. President George W. Bush had the sympathy and support of the world. Yet before he could accomplish his war objectives in Afghanistan, he invaded and occupied Iraq.

The course of the war, in Afghanistan, is explained in great detail in this book. The changes of strategies, force levels and the circumstances which brought them about bear description as the U.S. searched for a viable strategy.

President Barack Obama thought that he could end the war simply by declaring it over and by making the Afghan people responsible for their own security. The role of Pakistan in this conflict also merits a detailed explanation. The continuing conflict poses a threat to regional peace.

This book will be of interest to military professionals as well as the lay reader. It describes an important era of the history of South Asia.

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Colonel Harjeet Singh took early retirement from the Indian Army, in 1998. He holds an M.Sc.  and M. Phil. in Defence and Strategic Studies from the University of Madras.   A graduate of the Defence Services Staff College, he was also an instructor at that institution. Amongst his publications are Evolution of Strategy: From Sun Tzu to Clausewitz; Soldiering with Faith: The Sikh Light Infantry; Doda: Insurgency in the Wilderness; A Quest for Excellence: Training  the Indian Army, The Thirty-Six Stratagems,    A War Nobody Won: The Sino-Vietnam War, 1979; and A War of Intervention: The Russo-Georgia War, 2008.

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