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Book title: Western Himalayan Folk Arts
Author(s): O.C. Handa
ISBN: 8182741955
Publication Year: 2006
Binding: HB
Pages: 186
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The Western Himalayan region is not only known for its natural grandeur, but it has also been the home of enchanting Folk Arts. Though having passed through the sieve of time, those are still vibrant an colourful in their pristine glory.

In the present work, Folk Arts of the Western Himalayan region have been studies in the national and global contexts to establish the traditional bonds between different communities and nationalities. To that end, besides discussing the relationship between Environment and Folk Art, the book also delves deeper to study Folksong, Folktale, Folk Painting, Folk Images & Sculptures, Folkdance and Folk Theatre. Each of these topics has been dealt very intimately to interpret the finer and subtle nuances of the region-aesthetic aspirations, the popular belief-systems and the socio-cultural traditions of the people. This work is an honest and in-depth presentation of the religio-aesthetic traditions of Western Himalayan region.

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Dr. O.C. Handa, born 2nd Oct. 1936 at Mandi, is a well-known connoisseur of art and culture. He is an outstanding scholar in history and archaeology, especially of the Himalayan region, having been in the field now for almost a half century.

Dr. Handa has twenty exclusive books on the art, history, archaeology and culture of the Himalayan region, besides many edited ones, to his credit. Besides, he has written many research papers and articles for various national and international research journals and papers, and contributed to the Encyclopaedia of Hinduism. He has, thus, more than five hundred papers and articles to his credit. He has also been performing for the radio and TV. Dr. Handa has participated in several international, national and regional seminars and workshops and delivered lectures on the subjects of his specialty at various forums in India and abroad.

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