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Book title: Swine Flu : Pandemic Strikes
Author(s): Sunaina Chaturvedi (Ed.)
ISBN: 978-81-8274-431-8
Publication Year: 2009
Binding: HB
Pages: 210
Price: Rs. 495 Rs. 495
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The first case of this novel H1N1 influenza was dismissed by us as being a one-off incident, and being far away from where we were. Yet somehow, in a very short span of time, and in the `age of communication` the virus has traversed all across the world to grow into a pandemic. Such a tumultuous growth of an unknown disease has created fear among people; leading to irrational actions as a result of a lack of understanding. With this book, we have attempted to bring back sanity amidst the unfolding chaos which otherwise has the potential to spiral out of control. Our aim is to make the administration, the medical authorities, the media and the people at large to understand that there is no need to panic. We want to make all of them aware that the infection is preventable, treatable and even curable; in most cases the symptoms have usually been mild. They need to know that there are systems in place for the early detection, surveillance and treatment of the infection; all that now remains is their proper execution. The book is based on facts which can go a long way in clearing any myths and misnomers that are being harboured. It contains all that you need to know about H1N1 Influenza pertaining to: • Modes of transmission • Pathology of the disease • Prophylaxis • Prevention • Natural Remedies • Helpline numbers in India ``India severely hit by H1N1: Swine Flu spreading rapidly through the community`` WHO Aug 18`09 This book is aimed at being a handy, readily usable reference book for all to know about the various aspects of the H1N1 Influenza: • Modes of transmission of the disease • Progress of the disease • Signs and symptoms • Prophylaxis • Preventive measures • Natural remedies • Affected countries worldwide • Government measures • FAQs • Glossary of the terms associated • Helpline numbers in India New Guidelines for Schools • Discourage Assemblies/any gathering of Students in School • Stress on Hygiene • Routine Cleaning in School • Quarantine in Student/Staff • Early treatment of High risk Students and staff Five Health Tips to Avoid Swine Flu: 1.?Stay at home if you are sick 2.?Avoid close contact with people who are sick 3.?Wash your hands often and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth 4.?Cover your mouth or nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing 5.?Keep up with the health information in your community.

ABOUT Author

Ms. Sunaina Chaturvedi is an avid reader who has written numerous articles on a variety of subjects. She has a keen interest in science and technology, environment, strategic planning, culture and philosophy. She has recently completed a dissertation on the environmental elements in strategic planning today. She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Communication and is also a graduate in Microbiology; the two diverse fields paraphrasing her gamut of interests. She is presently working with a publishing house as an Editorial Manager.

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