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Book title: INDIAN FOREIGN TRADE: Trumped Up or Down
Author(s): Amiya Chandra
ISBN: 9788182749061
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: PB
Pages: 172
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The world is still spellbound by the phenomenon called Mr. Donald J. Trump – the new President of the United States of America. He has spectacularly garnered the attention of people around the globe, influencing their viewpoint on world politics and international trade; the resultant impression has great consequences for the US and the world. Trump has taken a surprisingly divergent stand against the trade policy that was being pursued by the Obama administration. This has resulted in chaos, and muddied the world trade process. USA is India`s number one trade partner, especially for exports. Any significant shift in the American trade   policy is surely going to impact India`s trade relationship with the superpower, and its domestic economic growth, whereas the agenda set by the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, is to increase Indian exports to the US and move to the next level of trade engagement  (after a very successful relationship with the previous American President, Mr. Barack Obama). It becomes imperative now, more    than ever, to carefully assess this shift and understand its impact on the Indian foreign trade in order to understand whether the accession of Trump as the US President is in India`s interest or against it. 

The book attempts to demystify and understand Trump`s approach to dealmaking through current events within and outside the USA, and by studying his past literary writing. It also attempts to suggest routes to strengthen the Indo-US trade relationship in goods and services. It tries to put across few recommendations for the Indian government to help increase Indian exports to the US and how, reciprocally, the American administration can meet their trade objectives. The approach of the book has been simple and suggestive, which would need detailed strategy for implementation.

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Dr Amiya Chandra, a senior Civil Servant by profession and an academician by orientation, earned his doctorate degree from the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi, India. He has a rich experience of working in various ministries of the Government of India in different capacities –  including handling of the imports and exports policies and procedures.   He has handled the East and West European Regions, including the Countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States, in the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India (1994–1999). He is one of the lead speakers of the Ministry, motivating various university students to take up Foreign Trade as a career.  He has also addressed various export clusters of commodities and members of apex business chambers to augment their sector and country-specific exports. He has been part of Government of India delegations, which established India`s trade route to Central Asia via Iran, and was also involved in trade negotiations during bilateral Joint Council Meetings.


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