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Book title: A Tale of Two Victoria Crosses
Author(s): Lt Gen Baljit Singh (Retd)
ISBN: 9788182748859
Publication Year: 2017
Binding: HB
Pages: 82
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This is the true story of the Victoria Cross moments of two subalterns, thirty years apart but ultimate in the scales of valour, in pitched combat.

A British school lad sets his heart on the Indian Army, enters the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, strives hard, graduates ninth in the overall merit and by the end 1913 joined the battalion of his dreams, the 15th Ludhiana Sikhs at Loralai, in Baluchistan. Less than two years later in France (WW I), he would lead ten volunteers under withering German shelling and automatic fire and accomplish the mission. And in the course of about twenty five minutes, each of his ten comrades would be killed in action (KIA) and promptly awarded the Indian Distinguished Service Medal (Posthumous) and the Subaltern, the Victoria Cross.

A quarter century later, the Government of India would put out hoardings in towns, urging citizens to enlist in the Indian Army for WW II. In the normal course, two Sikh lads walking to college check their stride on encountering the hoarding in Jullundur Town, both were mesmerised by the visage of the Subaltern from 15th Ludhiana Sikh, complete with his VC Medal, painted on the hoarding. The younger lad broke the silence with an emphatic declaration to enrol in the Army, with the intent to attain a Victoria Cross.

Thirty years after the British subaltern’s VC moment, the Indian subaltern would lead his platoon in a supremely valorous combat mission in Burma (WW II), against unaccounted odds and emerge with a Victoria Cross (Posthumous). 

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Lieutenant General (Retd) Baljit Singh was commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery in 1956. He superannuated from the Service in 1992 after a distinguished career spanning thirty six years; awarded the AVSM, VSM, COAS’ Commendation Cards thrice. Was invited to the Board of Trustees of WWF – INDIA in 1990 and served two terms.

During the post retirement years, he authored/co-authored four books; Natural History and The Indian Army (co-authored with Dr JC Daneil, 2009), From My Memory Vault, A Memoir (2015), Giant Hearts, Travels in the World of Elephants (contributed one Chapter to the anthology) edited by Jean-Puyravaud and Priya Davidar (2015) and Reminiscences of Personalities, Few Compelling Books and Endearing Creatures (a selection of 101 published articles), 2016. 

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